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Viridian, The Color of Science ™

Science is a beautiful story. Why not showcase your story with high-quality medical media?

Viridian Medical Media is a medical illustration studio providing visual solutions to clients in pharma, medical device, and biotech. We specialize in traditional and digital illustration and possess the content expertise to consult with any researcher, doctor, or developer. We are passionate about both the scientific content and artistry of every project; you can rest assured that your story will be accurately and beautifully told.

From journal illustrations to app content, cutting-edge device models to molecular drug interactions- you can count on us to translate your research into visually-stunning images that will teach and inspire your audience.

On the field of medical illustration: “The field is changing rapidly due to discoveries in both science and technology. From the human genome to the latest robotic surgical technique, the need for accurate effective communication continues to expand. Now, advances in computer graphics and imaging are generating vast new opportunities in which visualization is the key to understanding. Sub-cellular processes too small to be seen even by the most advanced microscopes can come alive through computer animations. A growing need for patients to better understand their state of health and their medical options is expanding the production of medical information aimed at the lay public. The Internet and wireless technology enables information to be widely and readily available on displays that rely on simplified but sophisticated graphics. Attorneys use medical illustration to clarify complex medical information for judges and juries in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.” — AMI.org

If you are interested in discussing your latest project, please do not hesitate to contact us. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. Contact us with your specific goals and media requirements to request a quote.