Living Well With Diabetes


This training module was designed for The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. The project objectives, interface design and navigation, functional specifications, system requirements, accessibility, flowcharts, and storyboards were developed and delivered to the client, who handed them off to a production team for implementation.

Here is an excerpt from the project’s Objectives:

Type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic in America; many diabetics are unaware of their condition or do not know how to manage their diabetes. Certain communities have limited access to healthcare for a variety of reasons: the system itself is fragmented, and many people do not understand how to navigate it. These types of issues do not end once the patient enters the doctor’s office. Oftentimes, people do not follow through with their medications or treatment regimens due to misunderstandings or cultural mores. In these situations, the Community Health Worker (CHW) is an integral player in increasing patient education and patient care. CHWs are familiar members of their communities who are passionate about the people they serve and empowering them with health information. When equipped with medical knowledge and a supportive network, they have the potential to reach many who would have otherwise fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system. To meet these needs of the CHW, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has created the training website, “Living Well With Diabetes,” to enable CHWs to promote the awareness and prevention of diabetes within their communities. By using this website, the CHW will gain a basic medical knowledge concerning diabetes, begin to network within the health and local communities, and become certified to do their invaluable work.





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